News & Updates
  • 19.02.13


    Six year old Vaquero HGF (Cuatrero IV x Idilio II) won the Copa ANCCE for both weeks of Sunshine Tour, the annual series of two CDI 3* competitions held in Vejer de la Frontera, Spain. The Copa ANCCE is given to the highest scoring PRE Horse in the Four, Five and Six Year Old divisions, taken as a group. Vaquero also placed first and second overall in the FEI 6 Year Old classes throughout the two weekends. Vaquero HGF was born in Fruitport, Michigan, and was sent to Spain in 2010 to be trained and competed by Daniel Martin Dockx. In 2012, Vaquero finished the year as the highest ranked 5 Year Old PRE in the National Young Horse Championships in Zaragoza. 


  • 24.09.12

     altHGF-bred horses and their riders continue to achieve exceptional scores at their various levels. So far, this year's TEAM70 includes:

    Cindy Ramirez-Smith and Carina HGF

    Nicholas Fyffe and Fiero HGF

    Mica Mabragana and Infanta HGF

    Daniel Martin Dockx and Vaquero HGF

    Annie Morris and Icaro HGF



  • 31.10.11



    For all owners and riders who achieve 70% with their HGF-bred horses. Many of our clients who purchased young horses are now reaping the rewards of their choice of an HGF horse, and are scoring in the elite 70+ bracket. We want to recognize these exceptional pairs and welcome all to strive to do their best with their PRE horses from Hampton Green!

    TEAM 70
    Jasmin Schaudt and Icono HGF (FEI 5 Year Old)
    Suzanne O'brien and Innato HGF (Introductory and Training Levels)
    Cindy Ramirez-Smith and Decoroso HGF (Training Level and First Level)
    Annie Morris and Icaro HGF (Training Level)
    Daniel Martin Dockx and Vaquero HGF (FEI Four Year Old)
    Maria Lithander and Idolo Americano (Training Level, First Level)
    We also are aware of several HGF young horses scoring close to this mark, and we will add new TEAM 70 members as they happen...